January 1993- Volume 8

The Challenge of Trauma-Traumatology Unit

Last year, WHO declared their Annual slogan as "Handle life with care-prevent violence & negligence". We have ob­served the world day on 7th April in a befitting manner & expressed our ideas on the theme of WHO throughout the year. In reality, the present situation of our society is very alarming in respect of RTA, violence & terrorism. Negligence is the rule in all spheres of life. In hospitals, number of casualty patients are increasing manifold from traffic accidents & from violence of different activities. This large amount of trauma patients offer a challenge to the existing health care facilities of our country.

From a district hospital to a medical college hospital, even in RIHD (Rehabilitation Institute & Hospital for Disabled) there is yet to develop a comprehensive unit for managing all sorts of casualty patients. Here, there is a hope, the 100 beded traumatology unit is waiting for its official inauguration. The project is taken under the scheme of 'Further development of RIHD' from development budget. In fact, RIHD should be kept as an academic Institute & the greater load of trauma patients could easily be dealt with the trauma unit. It is a challenge to the authority of the hospital to develop an ideal institution from the beginning. I hope with the cooperation of all cornurs the traumatology unit will fulfil our aspiration & would be able to face the challenge of trauma in ensuing years.