January 1989 - Volume 4

Arthroscopy is one of the most important advances is Orthopaedics. Arthroscope has dramatically changed the way in which orthopaedic surgeons treat variety of joint ailments-espicially of the Knee. Although viewing of Cadavar Joint cavity was reported by Professor TAKAGI of Tokyo in 1918 the enthusiasm for the technique developed in by publication of Atlas of Arthroscopy by WATANABE in 1957. Arthrocopy was popularised by CASSCELLS and JACKSON (U.S.A.)          

Arthroscopy is an accepted way of management in joint diseases. Although Arthroscope has been avaible in Bangladesh since 1981 il was not available for routine Institutional use. There has been an adition of arthroscope in R I H D in last few months by courtesy of W.I I.O.

The availabality of arthroscope in R I H D will enable us to leach the students the new technique and also to improve the management of Joint problems. Recently visiting surgeon Dr. Donald Sullivan from Florida

U.S.A. has showed us newer techniques of arthroscopy. We hope to develop this technique in future.

This issue of the journal was due In January '89. There has been delay. An editor could show a number of excuses but I shall not. I bear this failure on my shoulder. Last year, there, has been distortion in many spheres of work and activity. We have taken few initiative on epidcmiological survey of bone cancer side-Swipe Injury etc. but we could not follow that. Serious breakdown of contact with patients occured due to frequent communications failure due to political unrest & unthinkable flood situation. I do agree with the editorial comment of Dr G Walker about some Important scrvey works in relation to Orthopaedics. But very often, as he has pointed also, we are mostly occupied with trauma cases and with service lo hospilal only. Surveys are mullidiscipllnary work . We should develop coordination with multiple forces before step into this venture.

Every effort has been made to improve this issue from the previous one. I earnestly Invite more articles from the country. Hope a better issue In future but that should be a regular one.

Again, I must give thanks to the men who made it possible to publish the journal, at least regularly. Specially Dr Rafiqul Islam and Dr. R. R. Kairy who has helped me all the way.