January 1981 - Volume 1

It is our priveleadge and honour to introduce the inaugural issue of "Bangladesh Orthopaedic Journal". We should have done it earlier. Attempts to organise Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society were made several times. But unfgrtunately many members of the society left the country for better prospects abroad. Finally we are publishing this journal from R.I.H.D. I hope Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society will publish it bi-annualy regularly from the next issue.

The main objective behind the publication of this journal is to share our experience with others. We will try to give our people here what is modern and good. We will try to uphold the standard of the journal and maintain its aim that is the advancement of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Treatment of musculo skeletal diseases used to be done by the general surgeons. Attempts to organise this service before remained limited to individual frustrating experience. Only after the liberation war the importance of orthopaedic service grew tremendously because of war injured. For the last eight years we had our successes and failures but had no media to convey to our people. It is during this period that orthopaedic services In Bangladesh established firmly as a speciality and expanded rapidly to be available for whole of the country.

Eight years ago Dr. Garst started this institute in a room of S;S. Hospital to organise orthopaedic service for the war wounded freedom fighters. After eight years it has developed as the central institute of orthopaedic services and training for doctors and other paramedics for orthopaedics. At times it used to appear that this institute may not survive for long. It was Dr. Garst who pioneered it, expanded it and made it the central institute for teaching, treatment and rehabilitation. Behind him were the dedications of those locals and foreign •consultants without whom it would have been impossible to survive.

It is a great honour for me to write the editorial of this inaugural issue when R.I.H.D. is going to be inaugurated and the year of the disabled is going to be celebrated. 1t is a great occasion for us and will be remembered with much envy by who will come after us. Many of us who shared the load of its initial setup are not here to rejoice this great occasion of opening of this hospital. I remember with gratitude those freedom fighters and patients who helped us to build this great institute in their pains and sorrow, loss and •death, I remember those doctors, nurses and paramedics whose dedication and devotion motivated many more to make it the central institute of orthopaedics and rehabiltation. This inaugural issue of Bangladesh Orthopaedic Journal is being dedicated to the name of those •who were with us, are now with us, arid will be with us.